Instructions and Details

Thank you for taking the time to register for my online course. This particular course is to provide an online option to "attend" my spiritual warfare conference - Waging War. This conference premiered in October 2020. If you are interested in this conference being taught at your church, church auxiliary, prison, or group, please email me at [email protected]

Each section will give you access to the video footage and the section of the handbook that is related to the lecture. Everything discussed in the lecture can be found in the notes provided in the course, there is no need to take rigorous notes. Each conference I teach comes with a handbook for personal study. While all the information taught at the conference is included in the individual sections, the complete handbook is not. If you wish to purchase the entire handbook, visit my website (The conference books are ONLY available for direct purchase through my website)

Please Note: If you choose to purchase the workbook that accompanies section two of this conference, it is simply a supplemental resource to help pinpoint and deal with some of the spiritual issues that may be plaguing your life. It is not intended to be the sole resource for this process. If you know you are dealing with heavy grief and/or abuse, I highly recommend that you seek out a licensed therapist to assist you on this journey.

Waging War Conference Books (2020)

The Chronicles of Warfare Handbook: Prayers, Wisdom, and Strategies - Vol. II - $20

Soul Work: Waging War On Your Sinful Nature - $10 (Section 2)

Basic Training: Spiritual Warfare 101 Conference Book (2019)

The Chronicles of Warfare Handbook: Prayers, Wisdom, and Strategies - Vol. I - $15